Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Discovering my vacations in Atlanta

My last vacations were almost on the verge of collapsing till I discover a whole new source of getting best flights all the year round. Holiday Mood is one of those source in putting life back in to my vacation which almost died. I was contemplating a travel to Atlanta, a city that I heard a lot about from people and friends. I managed to get a good bargain on a cheap flight to Atlanta and with no time to realize or overcome the sudden change of luck was on my flights from London to Atlanta.

Atlanta was more amazing than my thoughts the moment I stepped out of the airport. I was tired and hungry so for the first night did absolutely nothing than eating and sleeping. Next day I headed my way to Georgia Aquarium, which according to most travelers is the world’s largest aquarium, the Ocean Journey exhibition, which features hammerhead sharks, manta rays and whale sharks, was the most enjoyable. Then my next stop was the Atlanta, which I was looking forward to know about the history and facts behind modern day drinks. Similarly the Centennial Olympic Park and the Downtown was as exciting and fun filled than I initially imagined. I really had a time of my life spending my about to die holidays in Atlanta and there is one thing that I know for sure that my next holidays will not be ill planned like this one as I know who to go and what to book for my next adventure!

Friday, 20 March 2015

My Vancouver experience and guide

For the whole last year I was in the hunt to get the best of the flights from London to Vancouver till my friend came up with a website that not only offered me the best of the flights to Vancouver but also allowed to save enough money that I could buy an extra case of beer !
I today’s time when you literally have to pay out of your skin to pay for the flights, Holiday Mood managed to make my day by offering a price that I am still coming to ems of it. Vancouver is a gem of a Canadian city that is modeled on the basics of tourism, which has everything for everyone to see and enjoy. In fact Vancouver is one of those destinations that Is best either for family or for a solo visit. Vancouver is alive with energy and is definitely one of my favorite cities in the world. I love how you can be in the city doing normal urban things one second and then, two minutes later; you’re out in the wilderness hiking beautiful mountains. It is reasonable when it comes to Transport, eateries or shopping. There are places like Grouse Mountain, Grouse Mountain, Grouse Mountain, whale watching, the Robson street, Wreck Beach and so on and the other list of places that really does not seem to end. It surely is a place to be and a place I would love to visit again to continue where I left due to shortage of time. If you are the one looking to travel to Vancouver keep a length of days handy as Vancouver has so many things o offer and do not forget to give Holiday Mood a look if you want to double your fun and enjoyment of a long awaited vacation.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Steps to experience Manila Holidays

Explore different places to visit and see and ways to explore Manila through a different angle

Break the boundaries by booking your cheap holidays to Manila and explore as much as you want and as far as you can with Holiday Mood, is a perfect mix of experience and expertise, coming together to offer you the finest booking and travel experience you could ever hope for. Holiday Mood has stood the test of the time and come out winners when it comes to offering unique and amazing Manila holiday packages and the world. In the end it’s all about you and that is why every day is challenge for us to meet your expectations and continue bringing that smile on your face by booking the best of the Manila holiday packages and around the world!

About Manila

Manila is the capital city of the Philippines. A former Spanish colony the city of Manila has the Spanish imprints scattered across the city. The fort of Plaza de Roma and Fort Santiago are the perfect examples of it. Walk around the Baywalk to explore the beauty on the Manila bay, the MalacaƱang Palace, the official residence of the Philippine President, the National Museum of the Philippines, the famous tea house at the Orange street and the Ayala’s Centre famous for its shops and shopping are few of the places for your interest. You can see and discover the all by booking your cheap holidays in Manila with Holiday Mood.

Manila Airport

All the flights to Manila from every part of the world arrives at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport or the Manila International airport which is the main airport serving Manila. All the major airlines of the world are well connected to Manila International airport from Etihad Airways to Qatar Airways and from British Airways to the Cathay pacific. Several flights from the United States are also well connected to Manila airport.

For more on cheap flights to Manila and more than a holiday in Manila, log on to Holiday Mood and choose from our extensive list of deals and offers to compare and book from. So just go ahead and unwind!

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Sydney is a great destination when it comes to a family vacation

Sydney for fun!!

Family for me plays an important role and has a special place above everything, so when it comes to family everything else just takes a back seat. I was contemplating on numerous destinations that i could visit but was confused about the ones that could offer my family the time of their lives. Thai's when somebody told me about the possibilities of Sydney as a perfect destination for me and my family especially.

So i decided to book my air tickets to Sydney and trust me that was one wise decision that i have made in my life till date. Sydney is a great destination when it comes to a family vacation. So if you have your kids with you than trust me you are in for a real treat. It is a city that is not limited to just one type but surely Sydney is a city which offers you unlimited options irrespective of type of travel you are on. Places like Sydney harbor, Sydney opera, national museum and places like the Taronga Zoo. Home to nearly 3000 exotic and native species, the Zoo offers the rare chance to see endangered animals such as snow-leopards, Sumatran Tigers and Western Lowland Gorillas offers lot more practical fun and knowledge to kids and adults altogether.

Apart from all the places and the sites the food and the festivities takes you a long way on the road to ultimate excitement and fun. There are number of agencies that you could get the best of the deals and offers on both hotels and cheap flights to Sydney. So just go on and grab your share of fun and experience for you and your family.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

The city of Adelaide is also famous for its arts and music

Adelaide City

Adelaide is one of those OZ cities which are relaxed and funky, buzzy and quaint, all at the same time; however a city that is compact and offers you much more than you expect. It packs a lot of attractions into a compact city, and with its flat terrain, it offers easy walking. Another option for getting around is to hop on a free city council bicycle, available from any of 19 hire locations. Moreover there are numerous options for you when it comes to airlines and cheap flights to Adelaide which I observed when I booked my vacations to this amazing city.

 There are ample of reasons for Adelaide to be known as one of the best cities in Australia in terms of tourism. From being the city of churches to a flourishing tourist attraction itself, the city of Adelaide has arrived on the global tourism platform. Famous got its golden beaches, blue waters, vibrant coral reefs, fine dining and a whole host of attractions, Adelaide in South Australia is one big, fancy and a popular tourist hub. Adelaide is a city apart from its stunning architectures boast number of sights and activities that will surely keep you on your toes all the time. Whatever your taste may be Adelaide is one such city that offers all the opportunities in the world for you to try. The beaches, the wine tours and nature walks all part of activities that you and your family can indulge in. If you are a beach fan than head towards the West Beach and Sellicks Beach to soak up in the sun and enjoy the stunning ocean at your disposal similarly if you are an nature lover than the Mt Loft Ranges offer you fantastic opportunities for bush-land hiking and stunning view. The city of Adelaide is also famous for its arts and music and you can explore them all in different galleries and bars scattered around the city.

Book your cheap flights to Adelaide today and get to see the best that this amazing city has to offer!